"I haven't done my best yet... only my best so far." 
- Norman "Sailor Jerry" Collins

Growing up, my mother always knew I would one day get at tattoo.  I have a couple of them now...  I grew up in a time when sailors, motorcycle gangs and jailbirds got tattoos.  That is not so true anymore.  My father has tattoos (he was a sailor) and I would just laugh when he would make the girl on his forearm wiggle.    I have always been intrigued by the iconography of tattoos.  Especially the meanings that old time sailors gave them.  Swallows for a safe journey home, pigs on their feet so one does not drown, but sometime a rose is just a rose.  I do my best to keep them hidden; my father always warned me not everyone understands.   Here are  links to my favorite tattoo shops.

No Regrets: Tempe,  AZ

Unique Ink: Greensburg,  PA