Spring Board  – your idea is not the only or best idea, but it could be part of the right solution.  Your idea or someone else’s could be the “spring board” for the answer.


Sketch – Computers are production tools.  Sketch, let your ideas flow.  It could be two lines on trace paper that allows you to connect the dots to the solution.  Pick up a pen – not a pencil – and put the ideas down.


Architectural spaces communicate to people.  Spaces tell a story, evoke feelings and confirm status.  Be aware of what you are saying.

Good design does not equal how much money you spend.

Parameters + outside the box thinking = design


Do not confuse concept with theme.  Know the difference and always go with concept. 


Concept is the lens of design.  It allows the designer to focus all the choices of color & material into a single idea.


“Proceed and be bold”

- Samuel Mockbee


Architectural influences:

Antoni Gaudi - I admire his organic quality.

Santiago Calatrava - I admire his Repetition of form to create space.

Carlo Scarpa - I admire his respect of the existing.

I don't believe in design manifestos... I do believe you need to have some guidelines when you design... as the song has been sung many times

"You have to stand for something or fall for anything" 

I prefer the version by John Mellencamp off the Scarecrow album, released in 1985; these are a few of the things I stand for...

These architects and designers have so much depth to them; this is only what I take from their designs.  You should never look at my work and say "Oh, he copied that from so and so..." but I strive to keep an organic feel to my designs, use repetition of elements to create rhythm and continuity in my designs and I want to respect the existing conditions, when it makes sense.